Cute Dog Images: 12 Simple Tips to Start and Free Dog Photos to Download

In this article, we have outlined tips and tricks to help you shoot really cute dog images as well as reliable sources to download free dog photos.

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Pet Photography and Dog Images

Dogs are generally referred to as man’s best friend, and today, people own these pets for different reasons. The most common reason why people own pets may either be for security or for companionship. What’s more is that taking cute doge images always comes out really fine.

Photography is a dynamic field with different branches for photographers to try. Among these branches include pet photography, which involves taking really beautiful pictures of different pets, including cute dog images. The very first photography to point the camera to capture an animal was Harry Pointer, and this was more than 140 years ago when he pointed his camera to take a picture of a cat which eventually came out funny.

From that time to date, pet photography has grown to be one of the most amazing and favorite photography niches for most photographers. The main reason for this is because the pictures of these furry friends of ours will always be adorable. Another amazing thing about pet photography is the fact that there are tons of ideas and endless possibilities to try out.

The aim of this article is to help you understand pet photography and how you can apply it to take cute dog images. We have outlined tips and tricks to help you shoot really cute dog images, and in addition to that, we have also provided you with a reliable source where you can get all the dog photos to download for free. So read on as you find out more about cute dog images.

A cute dog waving his hand – photoAC
Cool dog wearing sunglasses – photoAC

How to Shoot Cute Dog Images: Tips and Tricks

Here are the different tips and tricks that we have outlined to get you started:

1.      Know the Dog’s Personality

As a photographer, it’s important to always know your clients beforehand, and this equally applies to pet photography. It is generally best to know the personality of your client, to have a better idea of how to give instructions, and everything to avoid when taking the pictures. This is a useful technique to apply when taking pictures of a dog.

For an energetic dog, you’ll need to prepare for an unpredictable and fast-paced photoshoot, while for a lazy dog, you’ll need to be extra creative and possibly use treats to catch the dog’s attention. Basically, before you start taking pictures of the dog, it’s best to devote some time to observing the dog so that you can include its strength in the pictures you take.

2.      Capture the Pet Relationships/Owner

This will come in handy for cases where the pet starts to misbehave or possibly starts to feel uncomfortable. You’ll need to stay focused so that you can easily know when the dog is uncomfortable, and when this happens, the best solution is to call the owner of the pet to join the shoot.

Dogs are mostly more comfortable when they are around someone that loves them. Also, this is a great way for you to take heartwarming images of the owner with the dog. It will be a lot easier for you if the dog were to be yours.

A cute dog playing with a little girl – photoAC

3.      Create Depth by Focusing on the Eyes

All the techniques that you’d normally apply when taking human portraits can equally be applied to dog portraits. The eyes are a creative way to create more depth in your photo, and this is also an easy way for you to focus on the color of the eye. You can also use this to create a form of familiarity. In general, its best to utilize a wide aperture to further enhance the feeling.

In some cases, it may be hard to get the dog to pose, especially after you’ve taken your camera. This is where you might want to consider emotive portraits.

4.      Black Background Are Best for Classic Portraits

You don’t have to always take your dog portraits outdoors. You can explore different creative ideas, especially if you enjoy studio photography. One of the possibilities to try to include creating a backdrop with simple tools. You only need a black background, which can be cardboard, lighting equipment, or black paint.

With a black background, you can easily place the spotlight on your dog and use this to easily create an illusion of depth that will make your photos to be outstanding.

Classical dog portrait on black background – photoAC

5.      Take Photos with Burst Mode to Easily Capture Motion

The burst mode, which is also known as continuous shooting, is a perfect way to take hilarious and epic dog photos. Dogs are unpredictable, and they are most exciting, which makes it different for them to compose during a session.

However, you can still take really amazing photos of the dog, and you only need to use the burst mode. With this, you can take multiple pictures in a few seconds. This will also allow you to take pictures from different angles and perspectives. With the burst mode, you won’t have to worry about the dog constantly moving because you can capture the dog even while running.

Cute dog images – photoAC
Cute dog images – photoAC

6.      Use Wide Angle Lens

When taking fun portraits, you might want to consider using a wide-angle lens to easily create wide compositions. This is also an easy way for you to create unusual and funny pictures of the dog. There are different wide-angle lens to try, and you can be sure that you’ll like the results that you’ll get from using these lenses.

7.      Manual Focus is Better for Sharp Portraits

It’s not always advisable to use autofocus in pet photography. Manual focus is always a better option for taking calm and cute dog images. It will make it a lot easier for you to focus on the right body part and also make the portrait really sharp.

The aperture priority mode will also come in handy for you, especially if you’re in full control of the manual mode. Even though the aperture priority mode will take the pictures at a fast rate, you can be sure that it’ll give the results you want.

8.      Make Natural Light Your Best Friend

For pet photography, natural light is generally the most preferred option, and this is because of its dynamic nature, which makes it possible for photographers to take almost all types of pictures.

However, to use natural light, you need to know the best time of the day to take beautiful pictures. Here are the times of the day that you should stick with:

  • A cloudy day will give the pictures a pleasant glow, even though it will not make the pictures to come out bright. On a cloudy day, the picture will always be properly lit, irrespective of where the dog goes to.
  • Golden hour is also another perfect time to take nice pictures. This is the time before sunset or sunrise, but you’ll definitely like the pictures you take.

Basically, when taking pictures using natural light, it’s always best to avoid direct light or harsh light.

cute dog walking on a nice day photoAC
Do walking on a nice day – photoAC

9.      Make the Shoot Easier by Distracting the Dog

The energy level of some dogs is usually indescribable, which makes photoshoots a daunting task, and this should not be the case. However, you can maneuver this situation by using strategies to distract them.

Examples of some of the distractive objects that you might want to consider include:

  • Squeaky toys
  • Treats
  • Camera shutter sound
  • Encouragement from the owner

10.  Panning Technique

This is a technique that lays more emphasis on creative textures and movement. For people who are fans of abstract photos, this is a creative approach to utilize in taking really amazing dog photos. For this to work, you’ll need a situation where the puppy is required to run. With this, you’ll also need to move in the same direction the dog is running before you press the shutter.

You can practice this technique while in a vehicle. Also, it’s a technique that’s used a lot in wildlife photography.

11.  Eliminate Shadows by Holding a Reflector

For people working in studios, it may be rather different from using light to get all the features of the dog. Also, the sidelight technique is not also effective because it doesn’t always help in distributing an even among of light on the entire subject.

With a reflector, you can easily ensure an even distribution of light on the entire subject. This is an effective way to remove shadows that only make the picture appear rather dull.

12.  Calm the Dog by Coming to their Eye Level

Be willing to try unusual angles when taking pictures of your dog, and one way to do this is by coming down to their level. This is also an easy way to make the dog feel more comfortable. With this, you’ll get the cutest dog photos.

You can take this tip to the next level by taking the pictures as your dog rests, runs, or plays. This is an easy way to end with unique photos.

Free Cute Dog Images to Download: Where to find?

Not everybody is a photographer, and sometimes, we need cute dog images for different pictures. However, you might not be able to take these pictures yourself or unwilling to hire a photographer to do the job for you. Whichever the case may be, you have nothing to worry about, and you only need a reliable place where you can find cute dog images to download.

Are you wondering where you can find free cute dog images to download? photoAC has got you covered. On photoAC, there are over 3,000 dog stock photos available for free, and all these images are available on photoAC. What’s more is that more of these images are uploaded daily, and as such, the number of cute dog images on photoAC increases daily.

You only need to visit photoAC to get all the amazing dog photos for free. So what are you waiting for?

cute dog after having a bath photoAC
A cute dog after having a bath – photoAC

How to Use Dog Images

Are you wondering how to use cute dog images? Here’s what you should know:

Using Dog Images for Websites

You can use dog images on your websites, but when doing this, the best thing is to utilize color schemes that match the color palette of your brand. If you need a new background for your website, you might want to consider using cute dog images, and we have provided multiple dog images for you to choose from on photoAC.

Using Dog Images for Social Media

Another way you can use cute dog images is on your social media platform, and this is the easiest way to do this. You only need to select a picture that can hit the heart of your viewers and also inspire them. If you’re looking for this type of dog image, you can be sure of finding it on photoAC.

Using Dog Images as Wallpapers

The last way you might want to consider using cute dog images is as your wallpaper. This is a great way to brighten up your computer or phone background. On photoAC, you’ll find different images, and you can use these images as your wallpaper. What’s more, is that these images are all available for free.

Final Thought

We have provided you with everything you need to know about cute dog images, including tips and tricks to help you take the best cute dog images. If you’re looking for a place that has all the dog images you want, consider visiting PhotoAC today because that’s where you’ll find all the cute dog images you want. You can use these images for social media, websites, and for your wallpaper.

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